Motorcycle This is part 2 of Krit Campbell’s article about amazing motorcycle enthusias Debi “Killer” Henningert
These CT Righteous Women, ride their motorcycles for all the charities they can, especially the cancer charities. The week before we met up, Debi had done a Cancer Ride where the turnout was phenomenal, and she was already gearing her motorcycle up for the Susan Komen Ride For The Cure, which most of you know, is near and dear to my heart for personal reasons. ;0) 
Debi is a proud Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Rider, and AMERICAN. She told me that she is married to the most wonderful man in the world, and that it took her many, many years to find her “Angel” as she calls him- and that he was worth the wait! “Uncle Bob” as they call him, married Debi in a true biker wedding with over 450 bikes in attendance at a lighthouse- how cool is that! 
Debi has a son in the Marines, named Albert Perillo IV, and two step-sons in the Army, named Cody and M.J., and could not be prouder of them all if she tried.  She also has a grand-daughter named Izzy, who is a future biker- no doubt in my mind!  Izzy came with her “Nana” to our meeting, and she explained to me that her Nana was just borrowing her pink motorcycle until she was old enough to ride it herself, and that if Nana was not around she (meaning Izzy) would be fine to take over the clubhouse and she had her own key and everything!  Oh, the things that do come out of the mouths of babes… priceless! 
I thoroughly enjoyed finally getting a chance to sit down and chat with Debi and Izzy, and I hope that we can do some riding together in the near future. I felt a kinship with Debi, which is something that does not happen to me very often, at least not immediately.  And if the other girls in her social club are anything like her- then I have found some cool, bad ass chicks to go exploring with- and that would be fucking awesome! 
I’ll leave you with this parting quote from Debi herself, “The day I can’t ride, is the day I want to die”.  I, concur. 
Till next month-
Ride Safe
PS- If you would like more info on how to join the CT Women riding group you can email Debi at
I am proud to be a part of the motorcycle community because of a lot of these great people.
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