According to the Tucson Citizen, motorcyclists who attend the University of Arizona may have a tough time finding adequate parking. While Arizona motorcyclists can park nearly anywhere in the state, they are simply “not welcome” in parking structures at the University of Arizona. In fact, a sign that reads, “NO Motorcycles” is visible throughout the parking structures of the famed university–But why?
Riding a motorcycle in Arizona can be a wonderfully economic and environmentally wise choice for many students. After all, motorcycles use less gas and take up fewer parking spaces than sport utility vehicles, automobiles, and pickup trucks. In addition, they lead to less congestion on freeways, highways, and campus roads.
So with all their advantages, why would they be banned in parking structures at the University of Arizona? Are they simply too loud for school parking structures? Are administrators worried about so called “biker gangs” or rebellious teenagers? Or are there other reasons to consider here?
While no one has given an official reason for the University of Arizona’s motorcycle rules, many motorcycle enthusiasts are seeking answers. Until then, Arizona motorcyclists are welcome to park in many of the open parking lots throughout campus—just not in parking structures. Here’s hoping it doesn’t rain!
At Arizona State University, however, motorcyclists are allowed to park anywhere on campus, provided they have the appropriate parking permit. There is a specific permit that must be purchased in order to park a motorcycle in an Arizona State University parking structure.
If you are an Arizona motorcyclist, it is important to know the rules and regulations that could affect you and your bike. Not understanding proper motorcycle parking on campus or in the city could cause your bike to be towed, impounded, or subjected to parking violations. Before you head out, make sure you know all the parking rules and regulations at your college or university.
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