New Texas Program Aims to Save Motorcyclist’s Lives: Texas Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

While the number of motorcycling deaths in Texas has been decreasing in recent years, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) believes it can go even lower. According to Connect Amarillo, a new program aimed at reducing Texas motorcycling accidents, injuries, and deaths is underway throughout the Lone Star state. “Stay Alert, Save a Life” seeks to provide safety for Texas motorcyclists on high-use routes on scenic Hill Country highways.

These routes have a high fatality rate for Texas motorcyclists. Since 2006, 14 motorcyclists have been killed along this route—due to the winding roads and decreased visibility. TxDOT hopes that motorcycle signs specifically positioned on highways east of Leakey in Real Country will serve to remind other vehicles to be aware of motorcyclists who are sharing the roadways. In addition to Real Country, TxDOT will also install signs on FM 244 in Grimes County.

In 2011, the Texas Department of Transportation plans to extend the motorcycle safety initiative by introducing a motorcycle “Share the Road” public information campaign.

Texas Motorists and Texas Motorcyclists Can Share the Road Safely

According to Connect Amarillo, there are ways Texas motorists can prevent devastating motorcycle accidents from occurring.
·         When stopping at an intersection or whenever turning or changing lanes, always look twice for motorcycles on the roadways.
·         When following behind a motorcycle, always maintain a safe and respectful distance to prevent disastrous Texas rear end motorcycle accidents.
·         If you are passing a motorcyclist, always allow the motorcycle a full lane to operate in.

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