Zero Motorcycles Delivers an Improved 2014 Lineup
As most major motorcycle and automobile manufacturers are doing at this time of year, Zero Motorcycles is taking the opportunity to unveil its 2014 lineup. As the industry’s leading electronic motorcycle manufacturer, the focus for the new model year is to improve the current offering with a few exciting upgrades and provide more value for the consumer. The aim is to increase satisfaction among their customer base and draw in a few new prospective buyers.
Zero is sticking with three bikes which will be the company’s mainstays; the Zero S and SR (a variant on the “S”), the Zero DS, and the Zero FX. Narrowing the lineup down to these three will help Zero focus on perfecting the craft of building electronic motorcycles and, at the same time, allow the company to put specific attention on what their consumers appreciate. Gone are the Zero MX, the off road model and the lower priced commuter model, the Zero XU. Zero will continue to offer modified models for law enforcement and military operations.
By shifting the focus to becoming a better electric bike manufacturer, Zero has been able to bring some pretty interesting enhancements to the table for their 2014 model year. To kick things off, a new option for the Zero S, SR, and DS models is the Z-Force Power Tank. This baby allows the bike to store an extra 2.5 Kilowatt Hours of energy—essentially like a bigger gas tank would be for a gas powered machine. For you non science types, that may not seem like much, but when the Power Tank is combined with the ZF11.4 battery pack that comes standard on these models, the bike can offer you up 171 miles of city driving, or 88 miles at a constant cruising speed of 70 mph. Less time charging, more time riding!
That’s not all though, as Zero has made a few modifications to the engines and powertrains as well.  In an effort to get a little more kick out of the engine, Zero modified the amp of the SR. So, instead of it being a 420 amp, like you’d see on the lower tier S model, the SR has a 660 amp controller, as well as magnets that are designed to handle higher temperatures inside its Z-Force 75-7 motor. The end result? The SR offers a whopping 56% more torque and 24% more power than the basic S model and gets the bike from 0-60 in just 3.3 seconds with appreciable higher top speeds to boot.
Dash enhancements, featuring LCD blue backlit screens, headlamp and suspension improvements are all additional examples and testimony to the company’s vision to get very good at what they do.  It certainly seems like a step in the right direction here for Zero, so check ’em out!
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