Buffalo Chip, Sturgis South Dakota

Women’s Motorcycle Gear – Looking Fashionable this Fall
Safety, comfort, good-looks – women motorcycle riders used to have to be satisfied with choosing one out of three, but not anymore. Fashion has been working overtime to make inroads into motorcycle culture, and the results for women riders are outstanding!
Jackets & Pants: Women now have more options than just plain black and a ‘Brando’ cut. Color is in, and glossy metallic fabric and bold prints are in high demand among women riders. Quilted clothing is also a hot trend – the patterning is stylish and provides extra padding for added protection. For jackets, zipped sleeves that combine sharp looks with comfort & safety are also big. For pants, leather is still the way to go but new designs add Lycra and nylon in all the right places: inner thighs, knees, and calves. Leather skirts in neo-mod styles have also been a hit with women motorcycle trend-setters.
Helmets: After years of waiting, women motorcyclists now have as many helmet choices as men. Classic skid lids, open face cruisers, and full helmets with visor, ventilation, and removable liners are all available for women riders. No matter what your style is, you will have dozens of helmet models to choose from. Women motorcycle riders now also have a wide range of choices for appealing graphics, designs, and badging for their helmets. Consider safety first, and then you can go crazy choosing a motorcycle helmet that delivers comfort & good looks as well.
Boots: Big and bold is in. Black leather with metal safety plating, chrome buckles, chunky heels… think Janet Jackson in her Rhythm Nation heyday or something just this side of Mad Max and you’re on the right track.
The Legendary Buffalo Chip has some great clothing for the ladies and Hot Leathers is a fantastic source for ‘new’ biker fashion.
2012 is going to be a fantastic year for women motorcyclists – Ladies, if you are planning on heading to the 2012 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally be sure to be a part of the Biker Belles Ride. This ride is just for us – come recognize the passion, diversity and spirit of women in motorcycling along with celebrating our role in shaping the culture, art and become a part motorcycling history.
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