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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers; I just ran across an interesting article about a 60-year-old motorcyclist, Samuel Williams, who recently rode solo on a cross-country trip from South Carolina to California. This Fort Mill trucker was a novice biker when he started out on this motorcycle trek across the country. In fact, his new Harley Davidson was a 60th birthday present to himself, purchased just months before his departure.
Despite the pleas of his family, Williams set out on his own on his Harley with just some bike gear, clothing, his cell phone, and a GPS. You might ask, “why would a 60-year old man – a new biker nonetheless – ride so far on his own?” When asked this question, Williams simply stated that he wanted to see the Grand Canyon. Yet after seeing the Grand Canyon, which he indicated was well worth the long ride, Williams decided to just continue on to California. So he rode up the coast toward San Francisco to visit his brother. Williams stated that he’s already planning his next solo cross-country motorcycle trip for his 62nd birthday to Anchorage, Alaska. There are no doubts that if anyone can do it, it would be this man!
While riding solo has its benefits (traveling at your own pace and stopping whenever you want, etc.), it’s generally safer to travel on long trips with another biker. It’s always good to have a friend there to help if you’re involved in a motorcycle accident or a breakdown. Not to mention, biking adventures are more fun when shared with someone else. If you do choose to hit the open road solo, however, always give your friends and family an itinerary or route of where you will be traveling, as well as phone numbers to hotels you may be staying at. Be sure to take a cell phone and a GPS device in case of emergencies.
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