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Good vision is all part of the safety factor equation when it comes to riding and a good pair of protective eyewear is mandatory in my book. The term “sunglasses” brings to mind a fashion accessory with sun protection, but let’s face it …when you’re rolling down the road you want “safety glasses.” As motorcyclist we know protection and function are first and foremost. We want them to be comfortable, we want them to fit properly and yes, we want them to look good!
I like sharing products I know firsthand will serve you well. I want them to deliver what they promise and I’ve long been a fan of Panoptx, now known as 7eye by Panoptx.
Branded as the ‘the original’ element sealing company, Panoptx carved its way into the industry when they developed, patented and produced eyewear designed with a cutting edge foam gasket, or eye-cup which surrounds the orbit of the eye sealing out wind and foreign particles that can disrupt your vision.
7EYE by Panoptx is the same great product with a different name which encompasses years of research combined with an Ophthalmology background. They set the bar high in their field with the development of their AirShield, which seals in moisture and has been endorsed by the Optical industry for the relief of Dry Eye Syndrome.
Being one of inquisitive nature, I inquired with company VP Marcel Shiro to understand a few things that I suppose most people don’t ask. I wanted to know what exactly is their Seal Protection Factor? Marcel explained, “The Seal Protection Factor is a term we coined to set a level of element elimination. Our AirShield product employees a full eye cup and this factor is 100 denoting a 100% block of the elements.  Our Air Dam product employees a rubber bumper and along with larger frames designs eliminates 75% of elements…thus the term 75% SPF. And finally our signature or active lifestyle series, through frame and lens size, offers 50% elimination of wind, sun and foreign particles.”
With so many choices in lenses, I wanted to know more about the various choices of lenses and their applications. He shared, “at 7eye Panoptx we are well known for our  “Light Management Systems.” This means we have deeply researched, tested and employ different tints, lens coatings and optics that deliver optimum vision in various light conditions. All our lenses are 100% UVA and UVB protective. Glare reduction is handled through our various tints and mostly eliminated using our Polarized lens.
Our most popular lens, NXT, is a superior lens to PC (polycarbonate plastic) used by most companies. It is more impact resistant, completely shatterproof, unbreakable and has a higher resistance to scratching. Even our PC lens, also available at lower cost, is high grade optical quality with hard coating to resist scratching. Consumers must be aware however that any ‘non glass’ lens is capable of scratching when not taken care of. We are probably the most lenient company to deal with regarding warranty issues so…let’s just say our wearers come away very satisfied when it comes to these issues.”
I was curious about the foam gaskets and was informed some are covered with a very thin felt-like fabric simply there for comfort. Coming in 2013, new foam with consisting of a unique closed cell foam that does not need a cover is expected. Rumor is it’s quite comfortable, non-permeable and will not absorb sweat or create grime.
Stay tuned for my upcoming reports on the various styles.
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Ride safe, ride well, ride often!
Ride ON!
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