Is the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally on your bucket list?

Motorcycle Lawyer Blog: Bertha’s ‘Bucket List’ includes riding.

98-year-old Bertha (last name withheld per request) of Cleveland, Ohio had never ridden a motorcycle before, but she always wanted to. Now, she can check that off her bucket list, because recently, the Arden Courts resident got a chance to ride a Harley Davidson three-wheeled trike that was donated for the day by Century Harley-Davidson of Medina. On the last day of August, Bertha got to feel the wind in her hair and experience the thrill of the road as she road passenger on the slick Harley. The excursion even earned her the title “Motorcycle Momma”, and she loved every minute of it.
The director of Arden Courts, Marcial Ingal, got the idea to let residents ride a motorcycle when he first brought his BMW motorcycle to work last year. He recalled that there were several ladies, including Bertha, who swarmed around the motorcycle for a better look that day. While he knew he couldn’t take them out for a test ride on a two-wheeled bike, he contacted Century Harley about the possibility of obtaining a three-wheeled trike for the residents to ride on.
Arden Courts of Parma is a memory care community for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia related illnesses. They organized the motorcycle ride as part of their Heart’s Desire program that encourages residents to take advantage of all life has to offer—including motorcycle riding. Since 1997, the Heart’s Desire program has allowed countless Alzheimer’s and dementia patients to fulfill their dreams and desires before it is too late.
While Bertha is not allowed to drive anymore, she did say that she would gladly get back on the bike for another ride if she was given a chance. While it may have taken her 98 years to get on a motorcycle, Bertha proved that it is never too late to fulfill your dreams—no matter what they are.

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