When you travel to biker events all year, and party like we do, sometimes you have a trip that although full of excitement, not the type of excitement you would like. Such was our trip to Old Forge and Lake George. This month I could have of reported on our drinking, fighting, getting thrown out of our hotel, then making up, only to get pinched by the cops or about Joe getting hooked (yet again) while fishing on the dock at Clarks Beach Motel- this time by Kirk V., after they fished for an hour and only caught a tie-dye shirt; which, by the way, Kirk’s wife Tracy and I thought was funny as hell… Joe hooked in the hair while Kirk was reeling him in (Oh the insanity!)
But, instead I want to write about something very serious and important to us all, which is the fight against Cancer. For those of you who do not know me well, I have survived the big “C”, and more than once… hopefully never to face it again. I take pride in having good friends who made it through the fight with me, and I mourn those people who were not as lucky as to win their lives back from this terrible disease. That being said, shortly after returning home
from our fiasco in NY State, I received a call from a very dear childhood friend, by the name of Leslie.
Leslie now lives in Arizona and has joined a non-profit organization called Guardians of the Ribbon, which sponsors The Pink Heals Tour. This tour currently consists of Firemen and Policemen and other supporters. It is Leslie’s and my hope that by spreading the word to fellow bikers, that we may join this movement, if only by donning pink on a ride
to show support.
Guardians of The Ribbon, dressed in pink fire suits, drive pink fire trucks across the country every year to spread an awareness campaign supporting all women in their fight against cancer. The Guardians bring the pink fire trucks across the Country to help raise money and awareness for the non-profit entities that help women in their City and State. They wear Pink to let all women know they will always be first in the battle for life. As Guardians of The Ribbon, their single goal is to spread the “Cares Enough to Wear Pink” campaign until all are in pink shirts.
Why? Pink Heals!
As fire fighters and police officers, wearing blue shirts 365 days a year, they lose the blue and don the pink in honor of women for 3 days in October. We have designated these three days each year, October 25th, 26th and 27th, for “The Cares Enough to Wear Pink” campaign. Women represent a large percentage of the population, and what an impact it will have for all women to see the support in pink. We hope that our local fire and police chiefs and other leaders of this country see the color pink, not just as a benefit for breast cancer, but also as a way to support all women in their fight against all cancers.
“We drive hundreds of miles at a time, carrying these signatures of very special people, mostly women, some men, and a few children. We are just drivers with a special message, a message from them, to all of us who’ve not fought this battle yet. They tell us to load our guns, rally the troops and stand by their side, to at the very least, show support and if we must join them in the fight, to end this fight with one swift blow.”
Those of us not affected by a disease standing up for those that have it. Men, doing what men should do, honoring, protecting and standing up to anything that might harm our women and children. Defending them at all costs, making a statement of true Love and Hope by coming together as a unified front, wearing her color with pride and letting
the World know that we stand ready for war against this disease we call CANCER!
As the Guardians drove across the country on the last tour, many women approached them who did not have breast cancer, but had some other type of cancer. These women also wanted support and because of this, the Guardians have changed to the Pink Heals Tour.
The pink fire engines are free; they bring love and hope for the women in each city who desperately need support. They ask organizations like the Police and Fire Departments in each city to set the example by wearing Pink. They also ask the local politicians and teachers along with the citizens of each community to join the efforts. It is a show of support for the women of this country and in doing so will create a Pink Army, an army that supports our women as a whole and not just a charity.
Cancer is the biggest bully of them all and I hate bullies!
My riding friends and I plan on wearing Pink proudly on the three days in October, and as a surprise for me- Leslie is having my signature included on one of the fire trucks. This is such an honor and a gift, for which I am thankful beyond words- so PLEASE join us in donning Pink, and showing the world how bikers can make a difference! I know we can!
Currently the tour is not coming to NY or CT for that matter- but wouldn’t it be great if we all came together and got them to come?!
For more information about the Pink Heals Tour please contact
[email protected] com or you can contact them at www.pinkheals.com and
Till next month-
Ride Safe
Thanks Krit for the article!!!  See you on the Pink Heals Tour soon!