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Have you ever noticed how dangerous our roads have become?  Increased traffic, road hazards, weather conditions and human error have bikers facing more safety challenges on our highways and city streets than ever before.  How can motorcyclists hope to stay safe when riding seems all that much more complicated?  There are companies that are focusing on innovation in an effort to provide safer equipment while still maintaining that feel of freedom when on your bike.
One such company is Reevu.  In an astounding breakthrough, Reevu has accomplished what many said couldn’t be done.  They have manufactured a state of the art helmet that essentially gives you “eyes in the back of your head”.  Achieved through installing a small optical device in the back of the helmet, images of what is going on behind you are reflected onto a small mirror (a poly carbon plate) at the front of the helmet, essentially bending the images around your head, giving a greater view than traditional mirrors can provide.  The great thing about this is the fact that they have managed to place the mirror in such a spot that it does not obstruct the rider’s vision.
Everything about this helmet is designed to provide top class safety measures.  In addition to providing the rider with the added rear view vision, the poly carbon plate is constructed from top quality materials designed to provide further protection for the rider by acting as a crumple zone in the event of a fall or accident.  In essence, this also creates a larger protection zone to the back of the head, an area often overlooked in terms of safety.  The outer shell is built from lightweight carbon composites offering strength for full impact resistance while not weighing down the rider.
By combining top level safety protocols with cutting edge technological advancements, Reevu has crafted a helmet that could be the standard of safety for years to come. Hopefully through continued safety advances like this one, the motorcyclists everywhere can continue to enjoy the lifestyle knowing that rider protection is improving!
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