Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Plans in Place For Global Motorcycle Trek

The open road…the wind on your face…the freedom of the ride…all great feelings associated with the experience of motorcycle riding. Imagine having the chance to get that experience on every continent of the world! That’s what Dr. Gregory Frazier of is planning. Dr. Frazier will set out on June 2nd, in honor of the first global motorcycle trek, achieved by Carl Stearns Clancy 100 years ago this year.
Traveling with a friend, Frazier will depart from the Los Angeles, California area making his way across the continental USA with New York City as his destination. New York will be the departure point for the remaining global portion of the trip. There will be numerous stops to make on the way across this country with plans to visit San Francisco, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland and Buffalo. The original trip across the United States took Clancy 3 months to accomplish, but Frazier and his accomplice plan to complete the trek in three weeks.
Once they arrive in New York City, the duo will prepare for departure to South America, eventually touring through Argentina to the southernmost motorcycle accessible point in the western hemisphere; Ushuaia. From there they will travel to Africa and visit Africa’s southernmost point, Cape Agulhaus. Leaving the Cape they will then turn northward towards Europe; riding across the continent of Africa towards Europe’s northernmost point, the North Cape. Changing the heading to an easterly direction, Frazier will make his way toward Russia, specifically the town of Vladivostok.  Vladivostok is the last internationally planned stop and then it’s flying back to Los Angeles, California thus completing the 18,000 mile trek around the globe. One can only imagine the sights, sounds and smells the pair will encounter on such a journey.
Frazier and his friend are still unsure of which make and model motorcycle they will be using to cover the distances around the globe. Obviously the choice will be an important one with the two riders needing reliable rides. As the time to start rolling approaches, Frazier will be revealing more details about equipment and other specifics about the ride. Keep an eye on Dr. Frazier through and we wish him luck on his across the globe journey!
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