Ohio Motorcycle Accident LawyersNow that spring has finally reached Ohio, many Ohio motorcycle riders are feeling stirrings of “motorcycle fever”. After spending the winter months caged inside homes and cars, free-spirited bikers respond to the warming weather and greening landscape by taking to the road in large numbers.

Spring is indeed the beginning of the riding season, and many Ohio motorcyclists enthusiastically dream and plan their first ride of spring, yet it’s also a time when more motorcycle accidents tend to occur, and the injuries from springtime motorcycle wrecks can also be more serious.

So why do Ohio motorcycle accidents occur? Well the Motorcycle Safety Foundation aims to find out. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s 100 Motorcyclists Naturalistic Study is using a system of small sensors attached to motorcycles in order to record data about the operation of the motorcycle, to be analyzed after motorcycle accidents. In effect, the monitoring system used in this study serves like an airplane’s “black box,” allowing important data to be analyzed after a motorcycle crash.

Still, it will be several years before results are available from such studies. In the meantime, veteran Ohio motorcycle attorneys have highlighted the reasons for the spike in springtime motorcycle accidents here in Ohio, including:

-Young and inexperienced riders, or experienced bikers operating unfamiliar equipment for the first time
-Motorcycles with maintenance and mechanical safety issues neglected during the winter months
-Roadways made slick by unexpected inclement weather or risky patches of “black ice”
-Roadways crowded with motorists likewise enjoying the spring weather
-Glare from sunny days
And more

Ohio motorcycle lawyers
have long urged motorcyclists to be especially cautious when first returning to the road after a long winter without two-wheeling. Still, even safety-minded riders cannot control the actions of careless or distracted motorists, and as a result, motorcycle accidents continue to happen.

If you or someone you love has been injured or lost in a motorcycle accident here in Ohio, an experienced Ohio motorcycle lawyer can help hold accountable those responsible for the accident, and work to win the financial relief and long-term help that you and your loved ones deserve. Call the Ohio motorcycle attorneys at 1-800-4-BIKERS to schedule your free consultation today.

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