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After you have been injured in a motorcycle accident there is a lot at stake; first off your health is your primary concern, getting the money to cover your medical bills could create a hardship for you and your family, and how are you going to take care of your day to day living expenses and needs while you are unable to work, and lastly how are you going to get your motorcycle fixed? You shouldn’t have to deal with these burdens after you have been hit on your motorcycle, and the wisest option at this point is contacting a motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you with your insurance injury claim.
Choosing to handle your insurance claim without an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer is a big gamble; insurance companies deal with injury claims against their insured on a regular basis and they know the laws and how to make it hard on someone who has little or no experience in dealing with claims adjusters and the paperwork required to file an injury claim. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney know only knows how to deal with insurance companies and their claims adjusters. They also know how to take the facts of your case and present them in the most favorable light to the insurance company that will force them to settle on your lawyer’s terms.
To insurance companies it is all about the money, not who is right or wrong, and some claims adjusters will even try to use scare tactics if they know you are under financial stress as the result of your accident. They will tell you that their offer is the best you will ever get and you should take it now; when in reality their offer is always substantially less than the compensation you will receive if your attorney takes your case to trial.
There are also many variables that you should consider, such as long-term medical expenses if you were seriously injured, or permanently disabled. Hiring an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer brings knowledge on personal laws, understanding of the unique dynamics of motorcycle accident, and in the case of serious or permanent injury your lawyer will use the reports from your doctors to show as the result of the insurance companies insured driver they are now liable for your current and future medical expenses. When faced with the true facts of your case, the insurance company will quickly settle on your lawyer terms.
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