Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Proving the riding spirit is ageless, an inspiring women rider and cancer survivor shares loving life on the road at 73 years young!

After kicking cancer to the curb and other health issues, beautiful Monique Petersen shares her inspiring story.
Riding her 1200cc custom Harley-Davidson, this 5’2 amazing lady exudes such a bright inner light and as she approaches 73, she reminds us that age is a just number.
In her teen years, her boyfriend who had a BSA motorcycle introduced her to riding.  Now her wonderful husband of 56 years, Monique credits his love and support as her foundation in handling harsh life difficulties. She shares, “I had a hip replacement a few months before being diagnosed with cancer and a shoulder repair due to falling off a ladder. I have also had the other shoulder repaired, 4 years ago due to lifting a heavy suitcase.
In 2005 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, which was devastating. After several months of chemotherapy treatment, in April 2006 I told my husband to go buy a new motorcycle because he nursed me through the harrowing treatments. I wanted to thank him for his devotion. I went for a short pillion ride with him and was initially terrified, but started going with him to his club as a pillion.  3 months later we bought my little 250cc Virago. One month later I did the mandatory 2 day NSW Australian Upright Rider’s Course. I was amongst all young male riders, feeling out of my depth, terrified, nervous and all the emotions of being new to this riding caper and after dropping the course bike several times!!!!!  I managed to get my learner’s license and then a few weeks later went back for the same course to do the mandatory full licensing course with my own bike and passed that.
Riding has really impacted my life. I was still terrified on the road. We live in a city, but gradually gained confidence with the help of my husband who has ridden for 60 years. It took about 2 years before I felt really comfortable on the freeways and open roads and now after 7 years, my confidence is amazing. The impact on my life is immeasurable because when I’m on my bike it gives me a feeling of freedom, power, great to be alive, and that I can conquer the world. There is no feeling that comes close to it except the love for my family. I cannot wait to get on my bike when we’ve been busy doing other mundane things; it fully recharges my batteries when I ride out of my driveway. I feel like wonder woman on 2 wheels!!!!  
Advice for other women riders:  If I can learn to ride anyone can and just enjoy the journey. If you drop your bike pick it up and get back on. Don’t let age stop you.  I believe our minds are so powerful we can overcome a lot of things. I surrounded myself with a white light all the time. That was the same with riding. I am not religious by any means. When it comes to battling illness, I did not ever associate myself with the word “positive “as I didn’t need people who’d never had pain in their lives to tell me that.”
I am honored to share Monique’s story with you. Her battling illness and her mention of people giving you well intended advice that have never experienced what she’s going through is well received by me.
I love that she shared gaining confidence, freedom and feeling alive on two wheels! Doesn’t get much better than that!
Ride ON!
Brenda Fox

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