Happy Black Friday from us BAMMERS in Los Angeles, CA. It is a sunny day in Southern California so I’m sure the Rock Store, in the LA area, is going to be a busy spot this weekend. Not much happening in the general news. Donny Osmond wins Dancing With The Stars, a show I have never watched, Dubai is in financial trouble, Walmart has the best sales for Black Friday and Brad and Angelina are giving away millions. In personal news I am recovering from a 9.5 mile run/hike. What the hell was I thinking. I think I was thinking if I did such a run I could get away with a lot of eating. We shall see how that pans out, in the meantime I am sore and lethargic. Maybe that’s the turkey I had for breakfast. Love those leftovers.
In motorcycle news...
In Charlotte, North Carolina there was a fatal motorcycle accident. Charlotte police reporting high speed was a factor.
A Fedex tractor trailer loaded with tires was destroyed by fire after a motorcycle flew into it. The motorcycle rider lost control of his bike, was thrown off before the motorcycle went into the tractor trailer and burst into flames.
A Maui man was killed in a fatal motorcycle crash. Speed, alcohol and no helmet a factor.
In Odessa Texas on Thanksgiving day a young man was killed when he lost control of his motorcycle. No one saw the accident but people walking by came upon the young man’s body.
A police officer was involved in a motorcycle accident in Pittsburgh, PA. A car was pulling out of a Dunkin’ Donuts and hit the officer, thankfully no one was seriously hurt.
Across the pond (ocean) a father of 3 was killed on his motorcycle when he collided with a Ford Transit vehicle. Police need witnesses to this event as they are unsure of the cause. And a 3 vehicle crash in North Las Vegas where the driver of a Chevy Pick-up hit the back of a motorcycle. The motorcycle rider was ejected from his bike and hit by an oncoming car. The driver of the Chevy was driving around 100 miles/hour.

Drive safe this weekend!!!!!!!  If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area come see us at the Rock Store in the Malibu area, or at Cooks in Orange County or at Alice’s in the San Francisco, San Jose area.