Motorcycle Musings for Monday November 23, 2009
Will my boss let Jessica and I, two of the BAM girls, go to the Cannonball Bike Run 2010? Not likely.  It starts and finishes in Tangier, Morocco. We are going to work on that and see what happens…hahahaha.
My Monday AM kicked off with a meeting. I am trying to get everything out of the way to take time off at Thanksgiving. My goal for this coming weekend is to eat and rest (and other things I can’t mention here).
Motorcycle Accident News
It was not a good weekend to be on the Osceola Parkway in Florida. The Orlando Sentinel reported two separate hit and run accidents that killed 2 motorcyclists. Charges are pending in both motorcycle accidents so if you know anything please call the Florida Hwy Patrol in Osceola County.
In Santa Monica, CA a motorcycle officer struck the back end of a vehicle as he attempted to pull him over for a traffic violation. The driver of the BMW stopped abruptly – so far no charges have been filed but it will be interesting to see if they charge the driver.
In Miamitown, Ohio a woman was killed by a drunkin’ goof on a motorcycle.  Booby Luke, 27 was allegedly doing wheelies while intoxicated and hit the woman’s car on the drivers side. She didn’t survive. The guys real name is Bobby Luke and not Booby Luke and I realized the spelling error when I was looking this over but I like the typo so I’ll keep it as is.
Tech News!
It was only a matter of time before we would see electrical motorcycles hit the market. But did you think you would see an electric powered motorcycle that have parts made of recycled plastic bottles and recycled battery cases?
Craig Bramshcer teamed up with Brian Wismann to create this motorcycle called “Enertia”. It can run up to 45 miles on one charge which you get by plugging it into a regular outlet.
Jay Leno has one. Who’s next? Currently they are available at Best Buy for $7995.00 and it only has one gear so it’s very rider friendly.
And kudos goes out to the Disciple Outreach Motorcycle Club of Albany, Georgia who fed hundreds in the community out of their Clark Avenue location. The motorcycle club fed as many as 600 people and plan on providing another big meal in December.
BAM rep Shawn O’Donnell will be leading a Thanksgiving Ride on Thursday November 26 out of Alice’s Restaurant, Woodside, CA. It is a great restaurant, fantastic location, amazing burgers and a beautiful ride. For more info check out our meetup
In the pics below – Our BAM Team at Laguna Seca and one of our BAM reps Shawn getting some zzzzz’s after working the Sturgis Bike Rally. Shawn will be awake for the Thanksgiving Ride mentioned above.

The BAM Team at Laguna

Leaving Sturgis, SD