Updated 2:24 PM Eastern November 14 2013 – Officer caught on video racing gets his job back.
Alabama officer leaves force after drag racing
On the afternoon of Sunday, November 10th a man was out on a leisurely ride around Montgomery, Alabama on a friend’s bike when he struck up a conversation with a police officer at a red light.
The two riders were Lawrence Lee Spillers and an unnamed police officer who began bantering with one another.  Spillers had a camera attached to his helmet and he jokingly asked the cop if he wanted to race.  The cop replied that he had “turbo”  on his bike and at that point the light turned green and the two bikes were off.
The video captures about five minutes worth of footage and while the riders were not racing at MotoGP speeds, they did appear to be having some good natured fun on a pleasant weekend afternoon.
Spillers posted the footage to YouTube and the clip quickly made its way to the Montgomery Police Department and in particular Police Chief Kevin Murphy. Within hours, the officer resigned his position with the force and the chief stated that he was very upset and that the former officer could still face charges.
“For the very thing that we are out here enforcing the law, for an officer to cross that line and violate it, there’s no excuse. I will not tolerate it and he is no longer wearing the badge,” the chief said. “There may be a traffic violation charge brought against this former officer for drag racing and the elements are there, one just has to look at the video and see for themselves.”
Spillers has begun a petition in an effort to get the officer his job back as he doesn’t believe it should have ever been in jeopardy.
“I think the officer was just trying to have fun,” Spillers said. “I don’t think he should be charged with anything and I don’t think he should have lost his job.”
Murphy says this one former officer’s actions don’t reflect the entire organization.
The former officer has wished to remain unnamed but did release the following statement to MyFoxAl.com:
“I don’t have any hard feelings against the department. All my life and throughout my career I have tried to be humble and reserved, but I’m not perfect. If I could start over I would have never done what I did. I appreciate everyone’s support. I can’t believe how everything has turned around for me. I guess it’s the will of God.”