Ever heard of the Rokon Trailbreaker? Well, if you haven’t, it is a bike that was designed to handle tough terrain that even dirt bikes can’t deal with. Sounds pretty amazing right? Well, it looks as though there is a machine out there that can actually top it. A bike that can get you to even the most remote of places, no matter the terrain.
Coming from Russia, this unnamed bike can pull off all of the amazing off road antics that the Rokon did, and more. Utilizing truck tire inner tubing with steel straps wrapped around them, the bike can actually float in water, while the straps act as paddles. These tires are so versatile, that you could even classify this motorcycle as a two wheeled ATV. Featuring all-wheel drive, or two wheel drive if you will, it’s able to cross the rocky terrain of Russia’s harsh landscapes with ease.

a bike that can climb stairs go in mud water etc

The bike is light too, with estimates putting it around 100 pounds, allowing the rider to easily pick it up and maneuver it across large obstacles. An added bonus, is that the bike’s design allows it to be used as a ladder when it is stood up on its end. Combine this with its lightweight, it makes access of remote areas extremely simple due to the bikes sheer versatility. The frame is comprised of 1” steel tubing, making it strong, yet light.
Although it may not be the prettiest bike you’ve ever seen, it just may be the best at getting you places that a normal bike couldn’t reach. One of the best bonus features of this bike is that it can be disassembled into two small segments, which can fit easily into two duffel bags, which in turn fit into the back of a small hatchback when you reach your destination. The best part about the disassembly is that you barely require any tools, and minimal effort, which is good because after a day’s ride on this bike, you’d be pretty exhausted.
If you are interested in seeing the full range of these bikes capabilities, check out the video here….