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The American Motorcyclist’s Association is getting set to honor the achievements of a select group of motorcyclists and AMA members via the 2013 AMA Awards.  These six were unanimously selected to receive the awards by the AMA’s Board of Directors in recent weeks.
Motorcycling advocate Andy Goldfine was selected to receive the prestigious AMA Dud Perkins Lifetime Achievement Award.  Goldfine was awarded the Dud Perkins award due to his tireless support of motorcycling over the years.  He has worked on AMA board of directors for numerous years, helped develop a number of innovative apparel and accessory items to the market and assisted in organising the annual worldwide “Ride to Work Day”.
Winner of the AMA Bessie Stringfeild Award was Harley-Davidson CMO Mark-Hans Richer.  Richer is awarded in recognition of the work he has done to help diversify the customer base for motorcycling.
Eric Trow, the AMA Outstanding Road Rider Award winner, has used his school, the Stayin’ Safe Motorcycle School, to help teach riders advanced techniques that they can use in real world situations, a great help to any rider, no matter the skill level.
The AMA Outstanding Off-Road Rider Award went to Off Highway Vehicle volunteer Robert Langley, who has worked tirelessly year in and year out to help maintain and preserve off-road trails in his home state of Washington.
The Friend of the AMA Award was given to the Port Stockton Motorcycle Club of Stockton, California who has been a member of the AMA since its inception in 1937.
Finally, the AMA Hazel Kolb Brighter Image Award has been given to the duo of John English and Leff Moore.  They are being honored for their pioneering stance on creating the Hatfield-McCoy trail system in West Virginia.
The contributions made by these individuals to the motorcycling community have benefited us all and helped raise the profile of the motorcycle community.  For 89 years, the AMA has been an advocate for all things to do with motorcycling and has helped preserve the biker lifestyle.  Through their efforts, we have had a voice as a collective group within all levels of government.  The AMA has honored outstanding individuals like those listed above, while promoting both youth and professional level racing to help keep the tradition alive.
A sincere congratulations to the winners of this year’s AMA Awards!  Feel free to check out the great work the AMA does for the motorcycling world by visiting their website at

Congratulations to all winners! Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®