Motorcycle Lawyers Los Angeles Personal Injury AttorneysLos Angeles Motorcycle Officer Critically Injured in Funeral Procession is Eerily Similar to Last Month’s Fatal Crash
According to NBC Los Angeles, a Cypress motorcycle cop sustained serious injuries during a funeral procession for a fellow officer. The funeral procession was for Hawthorne motorcycle cop, Andrew Garton, who was killed last month while coordinating traffic for yet another officer’s funeral motorcade. 44-year-old Garton died on May 26th after colliding with an El Segundo police officer while they performed the motorcade relay during a funeral procession. In an eerily similar situation, the Cypress motorcycle cop was injured coordinating traffic for Garton’s funeral.
Motorcycle officers who are escorting funeral processions must undergo extensive training in order to perform the job safely and responsibly. Still, the recent string of motorcycle deaths and injuries has caused many in the media to question the safety of such motorcades. During a funeral procession, motorcycle officers rapidly “leapfrog” trying to block traffic at upcoming intersections. This “leapfrog” maneuver is often very risky and many officers in recent years have been seriously injured and even killed in such motorcades.
In addition to being inherently dangerous for motorcycle officers, police escorted processions can also injure others who are traveling on California roadways. Pedestrians and other drivers can get injured by leapfrogging motorcyclists as well as other drivers who are stopping un-expectantly for the procession.
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