Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Electric Motorcycles, Are They the Future of Motorcycling?

Did you hear that?  Nope, neither did I.  It must be the TTXGP!
What is the TTXGP series?
TTXGP stands for “Time Trial Extreme Grand Prix”.  The TTXGP or eGrand Prix as it is also known, is a zero carbon sanctioned motorcycle racing series, the first of its kind!  TTXGP was conceived to promote the development of zero carbon emission vehicles and bikes that would eventually make their way to the highways and biways of the world in the average consumer’s hands.  What better way to promote research into this area than by forming a racing series.  Now in its fourth year, the series has seen great success in Europe as well as here in the USA with regional races held at Infineon, Portland, Miller Motorsports Park and Laguna Seca.  In what could be called a giant leap forward in raising awareness for this type of racing, the series has made one more trip across the pond!  This year the series’ finale was held for the first time ever at the iconic Daytona facility on the weekend of October 22nd.  The race was a big hit among the many fans, many of which also turned out to see the AMA Pro Circuit that weekend.
Electric motorcycles have many similar qualities to their gas powered motorcycle counterparts, reaching 160mph on Daytona’s straightaways.  The one thing they lack however is longevity.  They cannot run as far as gas bikes do, but that’s only because they are still in the developmental process, being only a four year old circuit.  Nor should one take the shorter race as lacking in excitement; these racers have pleased crowds everywhere across Europe and the USA.  They did it again at Daytona with thrilling action from start to finish. Action that left the crowd applauding with every pass.  The main difference between these electric bikes and the more traditional gas powered two wheelers is quite obvious by its absence—noise.  It is amazing how quiet these bikes run.  They do not come with the loud whirring that is expected with racing bikes – they hardly make a sound.  As one TTXGP driver put it “You ultimately have a lot more road feel. That world has opened up to you. That’s probably the biggest thing I noticed, just getting to hear the wind and the road and sometimes the discs, you actually hear them rattle. On the gas pedal bike, none of those things would ever happen. You would just listen to the hum of the motor. It’s really a different experience”.
The racer also went on to add his belief that these electric bikes would become the bikes of the future; eventually replacing the gas powered ones we have today.  The work the TTXGP is doing in regards to high performance electric vehicles will be crucial in the future, as it will allow us to enjoy that high powered feeling, with minimal impact on the environment, a good thing with the way today’s energy crisis is going.  But, if replacing gas powered bikes does indeed happen, it will have a tough go gaining acceptance from the enormous group of riders that will hesitate replacing that heavy throttled roar we all love to hear.
All in all, it was a thrilling weekend of racing at Daytona Motor Speedway, and race fans should be excited because both AMA and TTXGP will be headed back to the track of dreams next year.  As support grows, so will the technological advantages and soon, we may expect to see these bikes quietly whizzing along our highways ridden by our friends and neighbors.
Question:  Do you think the motorcycling community will gravitate to quieter motorcycles? 
Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® are excited to see what the future holds for motorcycling and it’s great to note that after being a motorcycle lawyer in the biz for over thirty years we can still say ‘Never a Dull Moment’ – looking forward to what 2013 as to bring and beyond!
Ride Safe and see you all in Daytona, Florida March 2013!
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