BAM Motorcycle Lawyers Benefit CardBAM Works!  I am always delighted when I hear from happy BAM Benefit card holders.  I just got this in via the chat form on the Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® web site – the creators of the BAM Benefit Card Program.
Chat Operator says:
I’m a chat operator, my job is to find out what you need help with and see if we have an attorney available to help you.
James Fajardo says:
Hi, Can I write you a testimonial?
Chat Operator says:
Sure go ahead.
James Fajardo says:
I was traveling from Willams, AZ to King’s Beach at N. Lake Tahoe. My route took us through Las Vegas and up through Beatty, NV, 109 miles north of Las Vegas. My charging system went out and drove at a high rate of speed , just to make Beatty. In Beatty, NV my battery light came on. This signaled that my bike was dead.
I called 1-800-4-BIKERS.
A very pleasant young lady answered and asked all the necessary questions. She advised me that she would look into it and see if she could get someone to help. I then called Harley Roadside Assistance. The nearest tow operator would not accept Harley payment assurance so she told me I would have to pay the operator the full amount of the tow. Somewhere upwards of $ 400+. It was at this time that a gentleman named Mike arrived with a trailer, and asked for me by name. He asked what the problem was. I explained that I needed to travel to Red Rock Harley in Vegas to get the bike fixed. He OK. We loaded the bike on the trailer and he hauled me to Vegas. This has strengthen my out look of bikers and what they will do for others and not ask for anything in return. My one experience of getting up in the night and towing a broken down bike, pails in comparison to what Mike did for me. My hat is off to your organization for putting this service together, and for helping bikers!
I have personally taken calls from BAM members with the HOG Program (which is a great paid service) where the nearest tow truck service would not take the Hog Card and would charge a lot of money for the tow.  BAM is a great extra tool for you to travel with – it is FREE and can help in times like those mentioned above.
To get your FREE BAM Benefit card  – visit the Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®/ BAM booth at any major rally across the US or check us out online or call 1-800-4-BIKERS.  If you are heading to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this summer be sure to enter our Russ Brown Motorcycle Lawyers VIP Night at the Legendary Buffalo Chip ticket give-away.  Let your BAM rep know you are headed to Sturgis or mark it in the comments on the online form and you will be automatically entered into the draw.  Winners receive two tickets to our special VIP party at the Top Shelf Lounge at the Buffalo Chip, Tuesday Aug 9th.  Performing on the main stage that night is Toby Keith and Poison and those lucky BAM winners in the Top Shelf Suite will have the best seats in the house.
Ride Safe and see you in Sturgis!

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