A woman motorcyclist rides topless; arrested for DUI after.

A female motorcyclist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was charged with drinking and driving after being caught riding down Interstate 43 at speeds up to 57-miles-per-hour with no hands on the handlebars and her jacket unzipped with nothing on beneath it. 
The police dash cam showed the woman several times with her arms outstretched in a “Christ-like” pose as she weaved dramatically in and out of traffic.
The video from the police car picks up the audio from the deputy and he can be heard saying, “She’s screaming at every car on the freeway and kind of assaulting people with her motorcycle.”
Bayside Police Department pursued the woman for several miles and finally had to resort to requesting additional backup from other officers to stop traffic to keep the public safe from the reckless motorcycle rider.  During one point of the pursuit, the woman slowed down to approximately 10 miles per hour – in a speed zone designated for 65 mph – however, she quickly accelerated once she got her bike back under control.
The chase did finally end near Mequon, Wisconsin when she lost control of the motorcycle in the middle of the interstate.  Police dashed to assist her and witnesses state that she was “clearly out of it” and kept “stammering about religion.”  Her only injury after the wreck was a slight cut on her chin.
The woman was over the legal limit for alcohol and police suspect she was also under the influence of prescription drugs; this was her second arrest for drunk driving.
The police dash cam video can be seen at this link.