Batman Inspired Motorcycle On Sale on EBAY

Let’s face it; who among us hasn’t watch the Dark Knight and secretly longed for that motorcycle. You know, the one with the flamethrowers? Well, now it can be yours—if you are the lucky buyer on eBay!

When the caped crusader first appeared on the big screen this millennium, he caught audience members by surprise when he shed his traditional Batmobile for a sleeker motorcycle that seemed to defy the laws of physics. The jaw-dropping Bat-pod (the official name for Batman’s motorcycle) got the attention of all motorcycle enthusiasts, including a few motorcycle designers and weekend warriors.

While it is still illegal to don a black cape and turn vigilante, you can still feel like the caped crusader riding this modified Harley-Davidson down the street. No doubt, you will turn a few heads along the way.

The 2002 Harley-Davidson fully electric bat-cycle is modified with a flamethrower and canons that shoot 12 gauge cartridges. While the systems are not sold operational for obvious legal reasons, the Batman motorcycle wouldn’t be complete without them.

The twin-cylinder Harley engine has been replaced by an AC-20 electric motor with a Curtis 1238-7501 Motor Controller. This generates 65 horsepower at 7500rpm and 82 pound-feet of torque. In addition, eight AGM-lead acid Optima Bluetop D34 batteries power the entire cycle.

This one-of-a-kind Batman-inspired motorcycle is up for sale on eBay with a price of $27,500.

If you would like to see the motorcycle in action—complete with flamethrowers, here’s the video…


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