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Hangin’ with the girls, doing what we do, talk motorcycles … 
The conversation headed to the always-debatable topic of Best Bikes. What is the “Best Bike?” 
The one that makes you happy, gets the wind in your face and gets you out on the open road works for me. 
I get asked that question a lot and frankly, I’m a big fat disappointment. I honestly answer I cannot pick just one. I love too many and we are so lucky today to have so many to choose from. picked the BMW K1600GT/GTL as their touring bike of the year. What an awesome motorcycle with that inline six-engine on the new revised K1600 platform.
A serious touring bike and outstanding machine for those who are experienced with a bike of this weight and well deserving of a best bike award for touring.
But, is that the best bike for you?
It’s gonna require some ladies with some serious skills enjoy riding and navigating a bike of this size.
Another bike we talked about was the Ducati Diavel. The Diavel is the first cruiser motorcycle from Ducati and the name “Diavel” actually means devil in Bolognese. Not the traditional Ducati sport ride, it seems to be attracting seasoned riders looking for a new comfortable cruiser with the Ducati flavor. The feedback shows it’s ranking high with women riders. V-Rod riders are also reaching out to purchase this new power cruiser.  
So our garage talked bounced the gamut of production bikes offered for 2012. We went on about the various Harley Models, the love and no love for the Sporty, the Honda Rebel and the Kawasaki Ninja. Although we couldn’t agree on “Best Bikes,” we did agree there are a lot of great rides to choose from.
So for whatever kind of riding you want to be doing, there’s a perfect bike for every butt and we all know those come in all shapes and sizes.
So pick what makes you happy and get out and ride!
Let us know what bike you love and why!

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