Best Coronavirus Motorcycle Rides

What do you think are the best coronavirus motorcycle rides to take at the moment? The spread of COVID-19 has changed so much about everyday life, including motorcycle riding. Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys offers some insight into where the best places are to ride while the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, and how to stay safe while exploring them.

Coronavirus Motorcycle Riding FAQs

Q: Is it safe to ride a motorcycle during the pandemic?

A: Depending on the circumstances in your area, it can vary. Roads in areas on lockdown can be extraordinarily uncongested. If you are an essential worker commuting to work by motorcycle during the coronavirus, you may find things much easier than normal. However, there can also be increased numbers of emergency vehicles on the move, so be attentive.

If you are living and riding in an area with increased risk of infection, it’s doubly important to follow the safety guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization and every federal, state, and local government health department. Wear a mask when not wearing a full-face helmet or other face covering. Wash your hands frequently and don’t touch your face. If you have symptoms such as fever, coughing or sneezing, or shortness of breath, stay home. 

Q: Is riding on the freeway possible for riders at this time?

A: As lockdowns come and go, the freeways wax and wane in congestion. Depending on how things are going in your local area, it can be an optimal time to explore the freeways and roads that you typically avoid. 

Q: What are some good activities for motorcycle riders during the pandemic?

A: Due to social distancing advisories by public health authorities, group rides may not be the best idea at present. Luckily there are still plenty of great opportunities for riding at this time.

  • A lot of people are experiencing a great deal more free time than normal. If you are one of them, you might enjoy riding at a time of day you don’t normally get to experience. Have you risen with the dawn to watch the sun come up over the ocean before while you ride beside it? Or ridden through the night along an empty freeway, luxuriating in your freedom and the thrill of the open road?
  • Depending on local authorities’ policies, you can potentially go for a camping trip, pitching your tent on public land and seeing more of the country from the saddle of your motorbike.
  • Geocaching is a great way to participate in something with your friends while maintaining social distance. Secret a trinket or treasure in a location that you record the coordinates of in your geocaching app or device, then alert your friends. Coordinate to create a scavenger hunt of sorts: who can hit all the spots and discover the caches first?
  • Of course, with many locations such as movie theaters and sports stadiums closed, there are a lot of empty parking lots. A good time and space to work on riding skills, such as emergency braking or slow-speed maneuvers. As always, be aware of others including pedestrians while you are practicing.

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys is a law firm that cares deeply about the rider community it serves. The company motto is ‘We Ride. We Care. We Win.’ We hope that our tips help you to safely make the best of this situation, and we look forward to seeing you at a motorcyclist event soon, when it is safe to do so again. Or, if you or a loved one has suffered injuries from a motorcycle accident, contact us for a no-fee, no-obligation case evaluation.