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The original “Blessing” which started in 1972, had 4 bikes and 8 riders who gathered at St. Ann Catholic Church in Baldwin, Michigan.  You can never have enough insurance when looking to have a safe and enjoyable riding season and what better way to do that than to have a person of the cloth invoke the power of God by “blessing” your bike with holy water to start the summer.  Besides, it’s a great excuse to get your motorcycle all ready for hitting the road after a long winter.
Originally, the ceremony was performed for the faithful by a catholic priest but it has since proliferated to include multiple faiths and even non-believers.  In some cases bicycles as well as motorcycles are part of the ceremonies.
Now entering its 41st year, the original Michigan “Blessing” event runs begins May 17th and end Sunday May 19th. The Blessing will be on Sunday May 19th at the airport sponsored by Para Dice Motorcycle Club. Gates will open at 9 AM and donation in $5 per bike.
More than 40 thousand motorcycle riders head to Baldwin, Michigan every year for this event.
The success and spirit of the original event has created the demand to have bike blessings all across the nation.  Small towns, big cities, east coast, west coast—no matter what part of America you call home; you too can take part in similar events, receive the “blessing” and get your season off to a “blessed” start.  Included in the long list of “Blessing” locations are cities like Burlington, Massachusetts, Dayton, Ohio, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Los Angeles, California, New York, etc, etc—even all the way around the globe to Melbourne, Australia.

Paragon Promotions Presents  ‘Paragon Rocks The Blessing” Saraph, Under the Vine, and the Dirty Americans to play on the Main stage with Pop Evil. The ‘Blessing” event will also included hundreds of vendors, food, and camping both the night before and after the concert.
Have a great and blessed riding season!
Ride Safe!

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