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Motorcycle Lawyer Blog: If you are an avid motorcycle enthusiast then you what it means to own a custom Harley chopper, a real 100 percent custom built bike.

An original built from the ground up. A custom built masterpiece – 100% all original work of American beauty that shows your personality and biker lifestyle. If you are hardcore you know what I am talking about. The brutal hard work of creating and designing a one of a kind piece of artwork that is a statement of how you like, how you live, all wrapped around the perfect custom Harley chopper.
Building the perfect Harley takes time. Nothing but the best will do.
What does it take to build the perfect custom Harley motorcycle? A good amount of cash – then you need to find the right bike builder to pay all that cash to. Then what you need is patience and lots of it. You will need to sit and talk to your bike builder about the vision you have for your new bike cause it will be different then his/her vision and you will need to come to a common ground where you understand each other. Hopefully you have some drawing skill to help out. This is a skill I lack.
Motorcycle rallies would be a great place to get custom bike ideas. The streets are loaded with beautiful bikes.
Where do you find this custom chopper craftsman? Ask around and then ask around again. Research like crazy as this is a big decision and you want to make the best choice possible. This is probably something you have been saving up for a very long time for. No need to be hasty in choosing the designer. It will be ready soon enough to park on Main St in Sturgis or on the strip during Daytona Bike Week.
The love of the biker lifestyle is a reflection of how we live. There is nothing greater than riding on the open road on our own custom built bike!

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