Google Glass Coming Soon!google glass motorcycle helmet modification
It’s like something out of the latest SiFi Movie, a wearable computer with a head display that allows you to take photos, record video, answer phone calls, get GPS guidance etc etc.  Meet Google Glass  – what is also commonly referred to as a heads-up display (HUD)
When operating a motorcycle, the rider must maintain a pretty constant state of awareness. Perhaps the most important thing is to be aware of are the other drivers on the road, but you also have to focus on riding the motorcycle and at the same time, stay aware of your instrument panel. Would it be easier if that control panel could be seen, by you, under your helmet? Tech savvy riders have been trying to figure out a way to move the instrument panel beneath the helmet in order to minimize the time spent with their eyes off the road. Instead of waiting for the helmet manufacturers to design a concept, motorcycle and tech enthusiast, Jeffrey Young has found a way to incorporate Google Glass into his helmet.
By making a small notch in the padding of his helmet, he can now accommodate the Glass unit he acquired as part of the Google Explorer program comfortably inside of the helmet. The end result is a HUD that floats above the top right of his vision and allows him to access Google Navigation while he drives, plus he gets to share his rides from a one-of-a-kind perspective.
Young says, however, that many of the native features in Glass don’t work very well when riding. Mostly, Glass just works well as a floating GPS. Because, unless you’re at a complete stop, the voice input is not likely to understand you and obviously, touching the trackpad is out of the question.
Despite the bone conduction method for audio delivery being mostly ineffective while operating a motorcycle, Young says the tingle he feels when Google Navigation starts talking to alert him and the ability to record his rides on the five mega-pixel HD video camera is enough gratification for him. Being able to focus on the GPS screen allows him to spend less time looking down at the GPS on his bike and more time with his eyes on the road.
Simple HUD uses like Young’s may not become the most popular applications for Google Glass, but it’s definitely a bonus to add on to the many reasons Google Glass can be useful. Google Glass is still in development and may be available in 2014. I’m sure as soon as it becomes widely available it will only be a matter of time before its fully usable by the motorcycling riding community.
This new technology will concern a lot of people in regards to road safety and Virginia is already looking into banning the use of Google Glass while driving. As Google Glass is still in it’s testing stage and Google is well aware of the safety concerns it will be interesting to see what the final product will look like once it does hit the market. Anything that causes a distraction to someone when operating a motor vehicle is dangerous and should be avoided PERIOD!
Happy Riding!
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