Bikers And The Spirit Of Giving - Photo by CLINTON RANDALL/Advocate PhotoThe Christmas season is upon us once again, which means as the snow starts covering the roads there will be less riding and party runs until spring takes over and gives old man winter a boot in his ass. But even though we won’t be riding as much as we would like to doesn’t mean that we stop being bikers and living our lifestyle: enter The Road Hoggs from Greenville Ohio with their annual Toys for Tikes toy drive.

I don’t have much information about this bike club, and the only reason i have posted their link and picture is because while I was surfing Google for news and interesting stories for the blog, I saw quite a few mentions about this bike club on FaceBook, and other websites.

Over the world Christmas means different things to different people, but to bikers the spirit of giving extends far outside the family unit and includes those are truly in need, and even though the generosity of giving gets more attention during the holiday season, those living the biker lifestyle consider it a integral part of their everyday life.

I don’t know about you, but have you ever noticed that when you see a car stranded along the road that rarely will another automobile stop and offer assistance or just stop to see if everything is alright? On the other hand if a biker were to come along they will undoubtedly stop, and this more true if it is a fellow motorcyclist.

We bikers live our lives by a simple but often misunderstood code; we give what we get, but more so we also we care about those in need and do what we can to help meet those needs. I have over heard many non-bikers say if there were more people who were like us the world would be a better place. And I am not saying that bikers own the market when it comes to stepping up to help others, but i like to make a point of reminding people that just because we don’t look or act like most people doesn’t mean we are like those 1970’s B-movies that depict out law biker gangs that are on a non stop pillaging rampage.

The spirit of caring and giving isn’t a once a year event that bikers and their families do to cause it seems like the right thing to do…. it is a ongoing part of their lives because it is it is the right thing to do and while many people have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas, its meaning hasn’t been lost, forgotten or misplaced by bikers all around the world!

Oh by the way, if you have a link or more information on this righteous Bike club drop me a line!