Bikers Love the BluesBikers are fun loving social people, we love good times, good food, getting in the wind, and of course good music, and it isn’t any wonder that so many bikers love the blues!
From that down and dirty soulful sound of a sexy guitar grind to the whaling moan of the mouth harp, and depending on the style; the blues is a kind of music that screams of love lost, heartbreak, redemption, and the proclamation of “I ain’t gonna let worry me tonight!”, while on the flip side of all that moaning and whaling is a foot stomping boogie down mama, the celebration of new love, good times, good friends and living the good life again.
As a young boy i was introduced to Muddy Waters, Little Walter, and Willie Dixon; I immediately identified with the with their music and soon was trying my damnedest to learn those soulful guitar licks Muddy Waters was putting down, and i guess that is one of reasons i became a professional musician in the late 70’s. I was fortunate to have sat in with Ester Phillips, Koko Taylor, and I even was blessed to have jammed with Albert Collins in 1991.
It seems that in addition to loving the Blues i also fell in love with Harley motorcycles, and to this day my favorite Harley is the 1965 Pan Head Police Special; The last year of the Pan Head, and the first year of the electric starter! I guess you could say i was blessed with a fine taste for good music, and American Pig iron at an early age!
Bikers aren’t complicated people, they are down to earth and live a lifestyle that is often compared to that of a cowboy from the wild west days, they a are loyal close knit kind of folk who love life, family and friends, and we live by a code many people don’t quite understand, but you could say, we just give what we get! We stand up for one another when it seems no one else will, and get this; ever been stranded at the roadside in the middle of nowhere watching cars blow by, and no one will to stop to see if you need help? I betcha a biker will….and you know why? Because we would want someone to stop and help us or one of our loved ones, so we stop to offer a helping hand, paying it forward!
Yeah i guess when you get right down to it, Bikers just love life, and they may love it a little different that other folks, but that is what is so great about our country in the first place, we have the freedom to choose how we live, and what we do with our lives. That is why when i biker has been hit in an accident, he needs a lawyer who not only knows the law, but someone who knows about the biker lifestyle, and in case you didn’t know, Russ Brown is a biker.
Motorcycle Accident Attorney Russ Brown, the original Motorcycle Lawyer that rides and cares is the founder and acting director of Brown, Koro, & Romag, LLP.  Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Russ Brown brings unmatched experience, leadership, and personalized attention to every case the firm represents. He has been winning millions upon millions of dollars in claims for motorcyclists since 1975. As a motorcycle rider himself, he specializes in the motorcycle accident. Russ Brown, Motorcycle Attorney, is a motorcycle rider who cares about fellow riders. As a biker, his passion of riding led him into a law career that allowed him to utilize his experience as a rider to represent the best interest of his clients time and time again.
Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Russ Brown created a FREE program for fellow bikers called “BAM.” BAM offers free breakdown and legal services nationwide for motorcycle riders, Russ has been fighting for the rights of the motorcyclist on the road and in court since the early days of ABATE, MMA, and MRF. He has been the official legal counsel for various motorcycle organizations and clubs, and is currently the official legal counsel for Rolling Thunder.
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