Los Angeles, California Bikers Beware the shorter yellow light. I see more then my fair share of motorcycle accidents working for the motorcycle accident lawyers Brown, Koro & Romag LLP also known as Russ Brown Motorcycle Lawyers.

Is speeding up the time of the yellow light going to cause more accidents which means more motorcycle accidents? Red light Cameras are going up everywhere as many governments look at them as a great cash cow. And how can you trick more people, including motorcyclists, into getting their pearly whites caught on camera running a red light? Speed up the time on the yellow light.

Yup, our friends in the government in various cities and States throughout this great Nation thought we can catch more people and therefore make more money. Some studies including one done in 2004 in Texas Texas Transportation Institute found, “crashes decrease with an increase in yellow interval duration and a reduction in speed limit.” After 1.0 second was added to the yellow signal timing at test intersections, accidents dropped by 35 to 40%. This compares with a 6.4% reduction for “area-wide officer enforcement of intersection traffic control devices… during the time of the enforcement activity”.

So wouldn’t it be better for local and State governments to slow down the yellow light time and decrease accidents? Nope, their logic is to speed up the time of the yellow so you can get caught running a red light. Sucker! Red light cameras are those contraptions that freak us out at intersections or when we blow through intersections and realize that a big flash just occurred. There are 5000 – 6000 of them in the US and the number is increasing by 10 to 20 percent a year.

And fines for getting your mug shot in one of this varies. According to www.photoenforced.com fines are anywhere from 50 bucks in North Carolina, $100 in Philadelphia, PA, $446.00 in most California cities including Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Long Beach and Riverside. Illinois has a 100 buck fine for red light cameras but $1000.00 fine for speeding ouch. Many major cities use them  Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Raleigh, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, DC. And there are a few States that have banned them including Nevada, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Mississippi.

Some studies have shown red light cameras have reduced accidents and other studies show that accidents have increased due to red light cameras. But one thing for sure is that it is a major cash cow and here in California they are aiming to use them more. I don’t know if a lot of motorcyclists have gotten out of these tickets due to the court not being able to fully identify the driver so if you have let me know.

A girlfriend of mine in Los Angeles, California got caught running a red light with a red light camera, she was in a cage (car) and she fought it by saying she was being chased by some evil, perverted man and was afraid for her life. The judge let her go. So when I knew I had been caught in one, also in Los Angeles, CA, I thought once I get the notice in the mail I will also try the ‘damsel in distress’ play too. Well I received the pic in the mail and to my dismay, it was obvious I was laughing at being caught in the camera as I had a big smile across my face. I paid the fine and did traffic school. Good times. It will be interesting to see what litigation pops up from the quicker yellow light program. I hope you don’t get caught.

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