There is a big myth out there that if you are in a motorcycle accident and it is  not your fault you will win thousands, perhaps millions from the other persons insurance company.  This is false!!!
Do you know what happens if you are in a motorcycle accident and you skimped on YOUR motorcycle insurance coverage and the other person, who may be 100 % at fault, the fucker in that SUV  may have been talking on their cell phone, texting someone or maybe even plastered out of their minds but they also went the cheap route on their insurance?  You are screwed!
That is the short and sweet of it.  You’re fucked.  You were on the motorcycle and therefore more likely to suffer major injuries compared to the other party in their cage with air bags.  So they walk away and you are on route to a hospital with God knows what sort of injuries.  Your policy limits are minimal and so are theirs. Minimum limits in California according to the DMV web site is $ 15 000.00 for injury or death for one person.  Going to the hospital, parking and getting a coffee will cost you more then 15 grand.  What the hell is 15 grand gonna cover?  It may (but not likely) cover your ambulance trip and one night of doc visits but it sure ain’t gonna cover anything major.
According to an article on these are the state by state minimum requirements for motorcycle insurance.  Please note these requirements may have changed:
Alaska 50/100/25, Alabama 20/40/10, Arkansas 25/50/15, Arizona 15/30/10,  California 15/30/5, Colorado 25/50/15, Connecticut 20/40/10,  Delaware 15/30/5,  Florida 10/20/10,  Georgia 15/30/10, Hawaii 20/40/10,  Idaho 20/50/15,  Illinois 20/40/15,  Indiana 25/50/10,  Iowa 20/40/15,  Kansas 25/50/10,  Kentucky 25/50/10,  Louisiana 10/20/10,  Maine 50/100/25,  Maryland 20/40/10, Massachusetts 20/40/5 , Michigan 20/40/10,  Minnesota 30/60/10,  Mississippi 25/50/25,  Missouri 25/50/10,  Montana 25/50/10,  Nebraska 25/50/25,  New Hampshire 25/50/25,  New Jersey 15/30/5,  New Mexico 25/50/10,  Nevada 15/30/10,  New York 25/50/10,  North Carolina 30/60/25,  North Dakota 25/50/25,  Ohio 12.5/25/7.5,  Oklahoma 10/20/10,  Oregon 25/50/10,  Pennsylvania 15/30/5,  Rhode Island 25/50/25,  South Carolina 15/30/10,  South Dakota 25/50/25,  Tennessee 25/50/10,  Texas 20/40/15,  Utah 25/65/15,  Virginia 25/50/20,  Vermont 25/50/10,  Washington 25/50/10,  Wisconsin 25/50/10,  West Virginia 20/40/10 and Wyoming 25/50/2. WTF!
Some state minimums are 10 grand.  TEN GRAND.
If you are a biker and you’re taken out of commission with someone with 10 grand in coverage and YOU do NOT have un-insured /under- insured insurance to back that up you are screwed.  Maine and Alaska have minimum coverage set at 50 000.  Kudos to those states for setting higher insurance minimums.
You, my  fellow biker, cannot assume there is gonna be a big pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, if you have been seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident.  I work for a team of amazing, biker attorneys and know this.  Yes there are situations where you can win millions but you need to talk to motorcycle injury lawyer  to know what your options are.  And I suggest if you are hurt in  motorcycle accident you need to get on the cell, rotary phone, whatever, and talk to a biker lawyer asap. Don’t be victimized twice.
You need to look out for YOU and have enough insurance in place to protect you and your family.  Talk to your biker friendly insurance broker and get the maximum un-insured/under- insured coverage you can afford.  If you have a tripped out bike, top of the line stereo, look hot in that leather outfit you paid a fortune for and minimum insurance coverage on you and your bike find me at a local motorcycle haunt like the Rock Store in Malibu, CA or Cooks Corners in Orange County or at a major bike rally  like Sturgis, SD or Daytona Bike Week and Ill smack you upside the head.  You deserve it.
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