Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Ekso Bionics – helping those injured in accidents walk again.

California based scientific research company Ekso Bionics has been taking the next steps towards aiding those with spinal cord injuries. Over recent months the company has partnered with the University of California at Berkeley to develop an exo-suit that enables those with paralysis in their lower appendages to walk again.
Now, it’s not like the suit seen in the popular Iron Man series, but it is just as much a marvel of scientific engineering. Originally designed to help soldiers carry heavy packs while in the field, the Ekso has shifted focus, now focusing on aiding those with physical disabilities. Take one Jason Geiser, a paraplegic since an unfortunate 2008 motorcycle accident that robbed him of the use of his legs. Jason has been one of Ekso’s “test pilots” and has nothing but positives to say about the suit. “When you sit down for so long, you almost forget what the world looks like when you’re standing up. Usually people have to bend down to give me a hug or lean down to shake my hand. It’s really different to be walking around in a room full of people who are standing up. It’s just a really amazing experience. I feel more connected” stated Geiser.
The suit utilizes a series of micro-computers and strong lightweight materials to enable the wearer to move. The software adjusts to the walking styles of the wearer, adapting to the wearer’s center of gravity, thus making walking a less challenging task. With a $150,000 dollar price tag, it is still a couple years away from mass production. However, Ekso hopes that with advances in microcomputer technology and the continued development of strong, durable lightweight materials, that the cost of the suit will be driven down to a more reasonable level by its target release date of 2014. For those who have been seriously injured in a motorcycle/car accident can start looking forward to a day when being confined to a wheelchair may be a thing of the past.
Think about how life changing this can be for someone seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. Men like Jason Geiser can certainly attest that having access to such technology can positively enhance the life experience.  Where could this technology lead next? What other applications can be imagined? Perhaps getting back on a motorcycle again is a great possibility for the near future. It’s fantastic that stuff we had not even imagined could be possible 10 years ago is vast becoming part of our reality.

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