Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: BMW rolls out the New HP4 Motorcycle with Dynamic Damping Control

Recently reported technological advances by Honda, specifically their vehicle sensing technology to be installed on their motorcycles within the next couple years, has captured the attention of the motorcycle world.  An integral step toward better motorcycle safety if you ask yours truly and notably, Honda is not the only major motorcycle manufacturer taking steps towards improving motorcycle safety—this time it’s BMW.
BMW unveiled in 2011 a new suspension technology that promises even more road safety for the biker.   Over the next few years BMW will equip this new suspension system on all of their bikes which they have dubbed the “Dynamic Damping Control” system.  The idea behind this system is that it is a smart, reactive suspension system that responds to all sorts of changes in the roads—be it spontaneous braking, acceleration, or cornering on various road surfaces.  It analyzes the data sent to the system from the sensors imbedded in the actual suspension system, and dampens the suspension accordingly, allowing for an easier, safer ride.  Riders can also adjust the setting on the motorcycle to modify the types of dampening changes that the system makes.  They can choose between three settings: comfort, normal and sport, in order to adjust to the type of ride the biker enjoys.
The new system will be available on the 2013 BMW HP4 which will also be the first-ever four-cylinder machine in the HP (High Performance) family, with the plan to roll it out on more models in the coming years.
What BMW has done here is remarkable.   They have managed to create a software system that increases safety for the rider while minimizing the lack of ride quality, which many bikers fear as many riders feel that too many electronic precautions damage the purism of the ride.  But BMW claims that they need not worry with this software installed.  Essentially all they have done is improved bike stability, while at the same time not sacrificing ride quality, something all motorcyclists of all stripes can be happy about.
The focus of motorcycle safety by companies like Honda and BMW will just encourage more manufacturers to get on board the safety wagon if they aren’t already in that seat.  A promising future for the motorcycle community!

Motorcycle riding safety is number one here at Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®, and steps like these taken by motorcycle manufacturers can only help to reduce the incidents of accidents involving motorcycles on our roads and that is something we all like to see.
Ride Safe!

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