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Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Trio of Bike Builders Rebuild After Hurricane Sandy

One of the most devastating storms in recent memory, Hurricane Sandy hit the New York City area pretty hard. Many homes, offices and places of business were severely damaged in the wake of the storm. But like a phoenix rising from its ashes, NYC is carrying on, and the same can be said for a trio of Brooklyn bike builders, who have brushed off the storm, and are back to making the South Brooklyn waterfront area known as Red Hook a destination for motorcycle enthusiasts looking for top notch innovation in motorcycle design.
Brooklyn Motor Works, a shop owned by Carlos Dos Santos and Zach Cooper which specializes in building bikes from the ground up and also modifying pre existing bikes, was destroyed by four feet of floodwater during the hurricane. They are currently working out of an unmarked garage and will be moving into their new location in the Red Hook waterfront area of Brooklyn in the summer. Said Dos Santos of the new location, “It’s going to blow the old spot away. It’s going to be something that really compliments the community.” Brooklyn Motor Works is also a certified DynoJet tuning facility and a large distributor of aftermarket parts which attracts buyers from across the city to the Brooklyn area.
Another custom bike builder that initially started with Harley’s and now works on all types, Keino Sasaki, is also pushing back from the devastation of Sandy. Known as a master artist, whose works straddle the fine line of brashness and delicacy in such a way that the eye is in awe of their beauty.  He too faced his problems stemming from Sandy, but has looked to use Sandy as part of his work.  Sasaki looks finds inspiration from numerous things, and he seems to have found some through what Sandy has brought to NYC. As he says, “anything that catches my eye, anything I’m inspired by, I just do it. Architecture, art, equipment, the beautiful organic look of it. I don’t look for inspiration. It comes to you.”
The final member of this unique trio is a man who specializes in repairing and restoring vintage European bikes. Peter Boggia, the shop’s owner, has twice been affected by hurricanes. The first was Hurricane Katrina, which devastated New Orleans, the city where he was apprenticing and now, Sandy. Boggia writes on his website “We are in business because we believe in the value of machines that are designed to last forever.” And it is that love that has allowed him to push through two devastating storms to continue to bring beautiful custom pieces to the motorcycle community.
Hurricane Sandy may have hit Red Hook, Brooklyn hard but these bike builders are pushing forward and determined to make Red Hook, Brooklyn the ‘Destination’ for all things interesting in the motorcycle biz.
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