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Buy new or get a makeover?

Biker Lawyer Russ Brown: With Christmas a week away, many bikers are considering buying a new motorcycle for themselves or purchasing one for a love one as the perfect Christmas present. Before you run out to your local dealer or customer builder and drop down all of that hard earned cash you have been saving, you may want to consider a new paint job and make over for your old trusty Harley.
If you have spend as much time as I have customizing your bike like have, then I don’t think an off the rack stock Harley is gonna cut it, so the only option is a custom built bike. If money is no option then I am sure you will get the best bike possible choosing to let your favorite custom Harley builder do it up for ya, but if all you really want is a fresh new look then a new sexy paint job and some new fresh chrome will give you the best of both worlds.
Either way you go, there is gonna be some substantial down time. If you run out get the ball rolling on that new custom build, it could 3 or more months before your new ride is ready to roll. On the other hand getting a new paint job, chrome, and some new accessories could have you back in the saddle in a week or two depending on how fast your painter works.
It all comes down to what is more important, but when cash flow is part of the equation, then going with a motorcycle makeover will give ya what you want and leave some money for other important things.
To save down time, before you head over to your custom motorcycle painter, jot some ideas down on paper on what you are looking for. You can also save load of time by purchasing your accessories and bring them with you when you drop your bike off. Make sure your new parts will work with your motorcycles existing setup. Certain tanks could require new mounting brackets, or additional wiring. If you are going with new handlebars then make sure you get new throttle, brake and clutch cables as well. You don’t what them too long or too short, because that could hurt your bikes over all look.
It is all about doing your homework. If you don’t want to run all over town buying parts, then the next best thing is bringing pictures of examples. I am sure you have seen a bike or two that had a cool tank or running boards you wanted. With these examples your painter may even offer up something even better!
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