California Motorcycle Accident Lawyers; California bikers are in control.

It’s every California motorcyclist’s worst nightmare—you are riding through an intersection when someone suddenly makes a left turn directly in front of you. With nowhere to turn and no protection, you crash mercilessly into the oncoming vehicle and sustain serious and life-threatening injuries.

While you certainly can’t account for obvious negligence or unforeseen catastrophes on the roadway, there is plenty that you can do to protect yourself and prevent dangerous and often deadly California motorcycle accidents from occurring.

·         Always wear an approved helmet whenever riding a motorcycle
·         Remain alert at intersections and in traffic for other vehicles that may not be aware of your presence
·         Ride with your headlight on in heavy traffic or through towns to increase your visibility
·         Wear protective clothing at all times
·         Wear bright and reflective colors when riding at night
·         Never drink and drive or operate a motorcycle while under the influence of drugs
·         If possible, take a safety class or motorcycle training class

California motorcyclists may be in more control over their fate than they believe. Consider a recent California motorcycle accident around Golden Gate Drive. Justin Wier was driving his California motorcycle westbound on State Route 36 when he accidentally crossed over the double yellow line and into oncoming traffic. Wier was thrown from his vehicle and sustained severe and life-threatening injuries. According to the California highway patrol, he was not wearing safety gear, nor was he wearing a helmet. In addition, impairment is believed to be a causative factor in the serious California motorcycle accident.

Legal Specialists for California Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle laws vary from state to state. A California attorney who specializes in local motorcycle law can provide competent legal assistance for any California rider who has been involved in a motorcycle accident. When California motorcycle accidents are caused by someone else’s negligence, motorcycle accident victims may be entitled to compensation for their injuries or losses. If you have suffered injuries in a California motorcycle crash, our skilled California motorcycle attorneys can help you. Whether your accident occurred in Santa Rosa, Oakland, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, or any other city in California, call us at 1-800-4-BIKERS today for a free consultation.