Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®:  14 weeks after losing his left leg in a tragic motorcycle accident, Cactus Moser hopes to join his wife Wynonna Judd on stage as the bands drummer. 

The evening of November 27th, 2012 could produce something special at the Casino Regina Show Lounge, as singer Wynonna Judd takes the stage for her first ever performance there. But what really makes this appearance special is the fact that her husband, Michael Scott “Cactus” Moser, could be playing the drums for her. It’s not that Moser has never played the drums before. He has indeed. No, that special something is the fact he nearly lost his life in a motorcycle accident on August 18th, in South Dakota and this may well be his triumphant return to the stage.
Back on that fateful day in August, Moser and Judd were riding their motorcycles in the Black Hills area near Sturgis, South Dakota when Moser drifted into the center lane. He was tragically struck by an oncoming vehicle. Once emergency teams arrived shortly thereafter, he was airlifted to Rapid City Regional Hospital (South Dakota). Despite their best efforts, doctors had to amputate his left leg.  It has been an arduous but miraculous recovery which could be capped with a performance on the 27th. Regardless whether he plays or not, the fact he is even close to playing at the level he was previously capable of is nothing short of amazing. Moser has been determined to get back to life as quickly as possible and has demonstrated time and time again how willing he is to take that next step. After being admitted to hospital and having his leg amputated, doctors estimated his rehab time to be 4 to 5 weeks. However, Moser proved them all wrong and was discharged after 8 days in hospital. He has been practicing ever since to get back behind the drums. “Put me on a padded seat and get me in there… I’ll be back playing drums beginning Nov. 26, when Wy starts her Christmas tour. She’s been sweet enough to go, ‘I trust he can do it.’” Said Moser in a recent interview with a country music website.
Moser has been quick to recover and he thanks friends and family who have helped him through it and most of all, the advice he received from people like him who have gone through similar procedures. “Everybody who has been through this says it’s the muscle between the ears that you have to work out to be OK.”
Here’s to Cactus, his miraculous recovery and his return to the stage. We hope all goes well for a man of incredible strength of mind.

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