Look Twice Save A Life California Safety Campaign

Motorcycle Lawyer California Blog: CHP & Motorcycle Safety in California

There are more than 1.3 million licensed motorcyclists in the State of California alone and hundreds more that visit California from nearby states. Sadly, thousands of those motorcyclists are injured in motorcycle accidents every year that could have been prevented. According to recent data collected, the number of motorcyclists that were killed in 2011 rose nearly 20% from 2010. This is an alarming increase and one that the California Highway Patrol hopes to address. The California Highway Patrol has decided to launch a year-long safety campaign that is aimed at protecting California motorcyclists and reducing the number of collisions involving motorcyclists in the State of California—many of which are fatal.
These safety campaigns have been successful in the past largely because they help to increase motorists’ awareness of motorcyclists who share the road. In California especially, this awareness is critical because motorcyclists are allowed to split lanes in traffic throughout California. In addition, drivers may be less aware of motorcyclists on the road, due to distractions both inside and outside of the vehicle. Even though it is against the law, there are many motorists who still choose to use cellphones while driving. These motorists continue to put motorcyclists in increased danger.
The educational safety campaign combined with increased law enforcement will hopefully reinforce the concept that motorists need to look out for motorcyclists in the road—no matter where they drive. If this motorcycle campaign is successful, then the number of motorcyclists who are injured or killed should drastically decrease. As of now, this campaign will run through Sept 30, 2013 and will include public service announcements, social media programs, public outreach events, and statewide presentations on motorcycle safety and sharing the road.

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