Motorcycel Injury Lawyers Los AngelesIn my office in Los Angeles Motorcycle Attorneys what we see is of all the motorcycle accidents that occur on California’s roadways, motorcycle accidents are some of the most catastrophic. With these types of accidents, the California motorcyclist typically suffers extremely serious injuries and even death. In fact, a statistical study conducted in 2005 found that 4,553 motorcycle fatalities occurred in the United States alone, and an additional 87,000 motorcyclists were injured in these accidents.

Because California motorcycle accidents cause such a high rate of serious bodily injury and death, personal injury lawsuit recoveries are relatively high for those who are injured. California motorcyclists from San Diego to Eureka who suffer serious injuries will typically require continued medical care and will likely incur other expenses throughout the remainder of their lives as a result of their accident. As such, resolving a California motorcycle accident personal injury lawsuit using a structured settlement is often the best choice to protect the injured and their family against running out of money and being unable to afford necessary long term care.

Why Choose Structured Settlements?

California structured settlements are often best, especially when there is a need for regular income to cover medical and living expenses, plus other special needs that often accompany serious motorcycling injuries. It is the best way to prevent spending a lump sum settlement right away. A structured settlement arrangement also helps with the management of the money and protects the injured party from relatives who may be eager to take advantage of the injured person once he has received a large sum of money.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident in San Diego, Los Angeles, Los Gatos, Sacramento, San Jose, or anywhere in the State of California, it is important to contact a California Motorcycle Accident Attorney immediately. Your CA accident attorney will be able to negotiate and litigate on your behalf to obtain the money you need—both NOW and in the future.

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