California Motorcycle Toy Runs

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: California Toy Runs

California motorcyclists are some of the most generous and spirited riders in the nation and their generosities are especially evident during the month of December. Every year, hundreds of California riders get together to raise money and toys for needy children in the community. In the spirit of Christmas, these toy runs have gotten very popular and bring smiles to hundreds of children in California every year. If you have never been a part of a toy run, then this is definitely the year to try it out. Check out the listing below to see if there is a motorcycle toy run in your area in the near future.

Toy Runs in California December 2012 – Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®

  • 15th Annual Toy Run in Cloverdale, California—Dec 2nd
  • ABATE 17th Annual Toy Run in Vacaville, California—Dec 2nd
  • 9th Annual LADWP Christmas Toy Run in Los Angeles, California—Dec 2nd
  • 21st Annual Nevada County Food and Toy Run in Nevada City, California—December 8th
  • Hatt’s 13th Annual San Quentin Toy Run in San Rafael, California—December 8th
  • VNV/LV MC X Chapter Annual X-mas Toy Run in Long Beach, California—Dec 8th
  • L.A. Skid Row Toy Run in Glendale, California—Dec 9th
  • 25th Annual Toy Run in Glendale, California—Dec 9th
  • Annual HOT Toy Run in Morgan Hill, California—Dec 15th
  • Golden Gate H.O.G. 23rd Toy Run in San Francisco, California—Dec 15th
  • Save Christmas Ride in Redding, California—Dec 16th
  • 20th Annual LUNCH Toy Run in Loma Linda, California—Dec 16th

If you have never participated in a toy run, then you will need to know a few things before heading out. First of all, most toy runs require one unwrapped gift for a girl or boy as your “entrance” into the run plus sometimes a small admission price. Once you are there, there are vendors, door prizes, food, and festivities—as well as getting to ride in the bike show. The toys are then distributed to children in the local community.
No matter where you choose to ride this holiday season, it is important to stay safe and ride carefully. If you are injured or involved in a California motorcycling accident, be sure you have someone on your side who understands motorcyclists and the intricacies surrounding motorcycle accidents in California. At Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®, we understand motorcyclists because we ARE motorcyclists. Call us today at 1-800-4-BIKERS. WE RIDE—WE CARE—WE WIN!

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