California Motorcycle LawyerFatal Chain Collision on Pacific Coast Highway Snags California Motorcyclist

As reported in a story by the Press Democrat, a chain collision involving 10 vehicles on the Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach was fatal to three of the motorists and left a California motorcyclist with serious injuries.

According to authorities, the accident which occurred on January 15th, 2010, was caused by a speeding 27-year-old driver who lost control of her car before crossing the center line and striking two other vehicles. This California collision led to a chain accident involving multiple vehicles. The unfortunate motorcyclist suffered “collateral damage” when he was struck by cars and trucks attempting to avoid the initial collision.

The crash happened on a scenic stretch of the PCH known locally as the West Coast Highway, which winds its way through upscale neighborhoods and along popular beaches. At the time of the accident, the roadway was crowded with sightseers and beachgoers.

Tragically, the same attractive features which draw crowds and bring motorists to this famous California roadway also create hazards for California motorcyclists in particular, as is highlighted by this multiple accident. Decreased visibility –caused by the winding road combined with distracted motorists watching the sea and the beach—often creates conditions ripe for a deadly accident.

Each year, especially on sections of the Pacific Coast Highway passing through Long Beach, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and Ventura County, motorcyclists are caught up in accidents resulting from speeding or other negligence on the part of drivers. It seems likely that once this particular chain collision began, motorists were focused on watching the cars around them, while the less-visible motorcyclist was doomed to become a secondary casualty of the pile-up.

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