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Loud motorcycles may soon be outdated in California. According to News10 in Sacramento, the California Senate approved Senate Bill 435 by a 21-16 vote on August 30 and forwarded it to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s office. If approved, this bill would require California motorcycles manufactured after January 1, 2013 to meet federal noise-emission control standards and display an Environmental Protection Agency label. California motorcyclists riding motorcycles that do not meet these standards will be ticketed and subject to fines.

This News10 article says the bill’s supporters believe it will reduce noise and emissions from illegally altered and aftermarket motorcycle exhaust systems in California. Those in opposition state that the bill is unfair, because some aftermarket exhaust systems do meet emissions standards, but because they do not have EPA labels on them, California motorcyclists using these exhaust systems would be ticketed.
Why do California motorcyclists alter their exhaust systems or purchase aftermarket systems? Many claim that loud motorcycle noise makes other drivers more aware of their presence on the road. They go by the motto “loud pipes save lives.”
However, according to an organization called NoiseOFF, there have been no studies to prove that loud motorcycles help reduce motorcycle accidents. NoiseOFF also points out that noise emitted from a motorcycle’s exhaust system comes from the rear, which would not help alert motorists driving toward a motorcyclist.

The other important issue with this proposed California bill is emissions safety. A review by the California Air Resources Board says that tampering with a motorcycle’s exhaust system, which includes removing the catalytic converter, may significantly increase emissions.

While there is much debate about whether loud, motorcycle noise will prevent motorcycle accidents, many California motorcycle accidents occur because other drivers are distracted and fail to see motorcyclists. If you have been injured in a California motorcycle accident, you may need legal assistance from an experienced California motorcycle attorney. We are avid bikers ourselves and we understand the issues California bike accident victims face. Whether you live in San Diego, Sacramento, Fresno, Pasadena, or any other California city, call us at 1-800-4-BIKERS today.
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