Play It Safe around Big Rigs;  California Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Have fun while riding your motorcycle, but make sure to play it safe around big rigs. A collision with a big rig can result in tragedy for any driver, but motorcyclists are exceptionally vulnerable to injury. California motorcyclists must take care when driving around big rigs, especially when passing or driving in a truck’s blind spots or “no zone” areas.
Think a California motorcycling accident with a semi-truck is rare? Unfortunately, they occur quite often. Here are some unfortunate stories involving collisions between California motorcyclists and big rigs:
At the beginning of this year, a 62-year old motorcyclist from Encinitas was killed near Temecula on Highway 79 when he collided with a big rig. An article in The Valley News says the California motorcycle crash occurred when the motorcyclist went left of center to pass the traffic in front of him. The motorcycle accident victim died at the scene.
An article in The Orange County Register tells of another fatal crash between an Orange County motorcyclist and a big rig. Back in May, a 20-year old Huntington Beach biker died after an 18-wheeler ran over him at an intersection in Westminster. It appeared the accident happened after the motorcyclist lost control of his bike in front of the big rig.
According to ABC7 in San Francisco, a Santa Rosa motorcyclist collided with a big rig near Calistoga on State Highway 128 in May of this year. The Santa Rosa motorcyclist survived the crash, but sustained head injuries and broken legs.
On August 13, a 20-year old Ontario motorcyclist was caught under a big rig on the 10 Freeway near Baldwin Park Boulevard, according to an article in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. It appears the truck driver did not realize he hit the man and continued driving. The motorcycle accident victim suffered from road rash and it appeared he may have broken his leg and collarbone.
California motorcyclists must use extra caution when driving near large trucks. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has some good safety tips, including how to drive safely near big rigs. Check out this website for more details:

You owe it to yourself to contact an experienced California motorcycle accident attorney if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident with a California big rig. We are bikers too, so we understand the dangers California motorcyclists face when sharing the road with big rigs. Call us at 1-800-4-BIKERS today to find out how our skilled CA motorcycle lawyers can help you.
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