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As Americans become more environmentally conscious, eco-friendly transportation has become popular. This trend has spread to the motorcycle world as well, and many California bikers are opting for electric motorcycles as a green alternative to gas powered motorcycles. An April 2010 article in Popular Mechanics says newer electric motorcycles offer features including a quiet ride, zero emissions, and lower insurance rates. They are also less expensive to operate and maintain. However, some motorcycle purists may miss the noise and more substantial feel of a gas-powered motorcycle or balk at the inconvenience of having to charge the motorcycle battery pack.

Even California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has gotten on the electric motorcycle bandwagon according to a PR Newswire article. In March, Gov. Schwarzenegger demonstrated electric motorcycles manufactured by Zero Motorcycles a week after the governor announced a California rebate incentive program for consumers buying electric motorcycles and cars. Zero Motorcycles, a California-based motorcycle manufacturing company, is considered a global leader in the electric motorcycle industry. In August, the California Energy Commission granted Zero Motorcycles a $900,000 grant to develop an advanced compact electric powertrain.
Unfortunately, there was a recent tragedy in electric motorcycle community. The owner of an electric motorcycle company based in Santa Rosa called Electric Race Bikes was killed in a motorcycle accident. An ABC7 San Francisco article says the victim, Matthew Dieckmann, died on August 31 when his electric motorcycle collided with a Toyota Prius driven by a 71-year old man. The motorcycle accident occurred on West Steele Lane and Range Avenue. According to the article, the Prius driver made a left turn and collided with Dieckmann who hit the right side of the car and died on the scene. Authorities are investigating the cause of this fatal California motorcycle crash, but alcohol and speed did not appear to be contributing factors.
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