California motorcycle accident injury lawyersCalifornia motorcyclists at greater risk from hit-and-run drivers

A California motorcycle rider faces a risk every time he or she hops on a bike. California freeways are overcrowded and harried drivers don’t always see motorcyclists who share the road with them. In addition, lane-splitting in California makes it all too easy for motorcyclists to get clipped or side swiped by distracted drivers. Yet with all the risks California motorcyclists face, one of the greatest may be from hit and run drivers. Why are these risks increased? Unfortunately, there may be many reasons.

Decreased Visibility

First, California motorcycles are harder to see, especially at night or during inclement weather, which are the times when hit-and-run accidents are most likely to occur. It is important to understand that during conditions of lessened visibility, the smaller size and less-noticeable profile of a motorcycle may make the difference between being seen and being hit by a driver, who may or may not realize that an accident has occurred. Some drivers may “bump” into a bike without even realizing it, and then drive onward, leaving the damaged motorcycle– and possibly an injured rider– behind.

Alcohol-related hit and run accidents

Secondly, it is important to recognize that when traveling during the night, drivers and motorcyclists alike are more likely to be coming from social events where alcohol was served.

For example, studies have shown and common sense confirms that during the wee hours of the morning, especially on weekends, a high percentage of motorists on the road are returning from social events such as parties, bars, and restaurants where alcohol was being served. Regardless of whether such drivers are legally drunk or not, the consumption of alcohol and other drugs directly increases the number of hit and run accidents.

Damage and injuries are more severe

Police authorities, California motorcycle accident injury lawyers, and safety experts all agree that damages and injuries from California hit-and-run accidents are more severe to motorcycles and their riders than injuries from ordinary traffic accidents. One obvious reason is that the motorcycle has no outer protective skin. The increased severity of these accidents may cause many drivers to flee the scene, rather than risk arrest or incarceration. Even a slight delay in treatment or emergency aid can be the difference between life and death for a motorcyclist who is injured.

A California motorcycle accident injury lawyer on your side

If you or someone you know has been hurt in a hit-and-run accident involving a motorcycle in Sacramento, Fresno, Bakersfield, Palo Alto, or anywhere in the State of California, you should contact an experienced California motorcycle accident injury attorney to help you win the relief you deserve. Especially if your accident involved a hit and run driver, a California motorcycle accident injury lawyer will be on your side throughout the legal process to ensure that all of your medical needs are attended to and that the guilty hit and run driver is held accountable for their actions.

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