San Francisco Motorcycle LawyersSan Francisco Bay Area motorcyclists now have another reason to ride their motorcycles. June 21, 2010 is the annual “Ride to Work Day”. Ride to work day is sponsored by a non-profit organization that supports the use of motorcycles and scooters for transportation throughout the world.

Riding your Motorcycle to Work—Just the Facts

Even though there are 6,567,197 registered motorcycles in the United States, only 282,389 of them were ridden regularly for transportation—this was only 4.3%! Riding a motorcycle to work can save money in fuel, save time during your commute, and even help you get a better parking spot.

On Ride to Work Day, San Francisco Bay Area motorcyclists are urged to ride their motorcycles to show the public that motorcycling is a social good. How good is motorcycling for society? On Ride to Work Day, there are approximately 150,000 additional motorcycles on the roads, commuting to and from work. According to the Ride to Work Organization, if every day were “Ride to Work Day”, there would be 15 million less gallons of gasoline used every year!

Riding your Motorcycle to Work—It’s all About Safety

If you are a San Francisco Bay Area motorcyclist, the annual Ride to Work Day can be a great way to show your passion and love for motorcycling. However, when you do ride your motorcycle on Bay Area freeways, remember to ride carefully and take all of the necessary safety precautions.

Visibility is the key to preventing dangerous and deadly San Francisco motorcycling accidents.
Always wear a helmet when riding your motorcycle
Wear bright and reflective clothing—especially at night
Even though it is allowed, avoid riding in-between the lanes of traffic
Always wear eye shields or goggles while riding to prevent debris or dust from damaging your eyes
Do not ride in another vehicle’s blind spot
Never drink alcohol or use drugs while driving your motorcycle
Always use your headlights—even in daylight

The annual Ride to Work Day can be celebrated throughout the Bay Area—no matter where you live or work. Whether you work in Santa Cruz, San Jose, San Francisco, or Marin, consider taking your motorcycle out on the weekdays and show the Bay Area what motorcycling is all about.

And if you have been injured in a California motorcycle accident call 1-800-4-BIKERS.

We Ride We Care We Win.

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