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American Suzuki Motor Corporation filed a business reorganization under Chapter 11 bankruptcy on November 5th. Now, fear not those of you who enjoy riding Suzuki motorcycles…as the reorganization is terminating the automobile division of Suzuki in America and, in the long run, expanding the motorcycle operations across the country.
The move ends a 50 year run of automobile sales in the nation; however Suzuki executives feel that the refocus on motorcycles will be more than beneficial for the company, as it highlights what the company feels it does best. Senior Director of Motorcycle Operations Larry Vandiver was quoted as saying “We’re going to get back to our roots,

when it was just a motorcycle company.” And one dealer was excited about the change saying “Most people equate the Suzuki name with motorcycles anyway, don’t you think?” Indeed, that would be the prevailing notion when relating to the Suzuki brand.
Suzuki is commencing a gradual phasing out of its automobile dealers, while simultaneously restructuring them to accommodate the powersports division. Some of the dealers will remain open in order to service the powersports division, while others will shut down with settlements from the American Suzuki Motor Corporation.
Of course, it isn’t all doom and gloom though, as the American Suzuki Motor Corporation has received loans from a couple US based firms including GE Capital and Sheffield Financial who have agreed to help the company through its restructuring. The Japanese parent company has also pledged its support in aiding the company wind down its automobile sales here in the USA and has promised to bring out exciting new motorcycle models in the coming years to help kick-start the restructured company. So, short term pain for the long term gain as it looks like the right resources and backers are in place for a successful relaunch of the Suzuki motorcycle brand in this country.
I, for one, am excited and am looking forward to seeing the new motorcycles unveiled by Suzuki, including hot new entries like the 2013 C90T B.O.S.S., while at the same time I am happy that Suzuki has returned to its roots and is focusing on the thing it does best…and that’s motorcycles.  That’s something we should all be happy about as  motorcycle enthusiasts.

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