Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: 64th Wedding Anniversary &  300 000 miles of motorcycling together.

When Basil Harne was a teenager, he began his long love affair with motorcycling and a life on two wheels. Since then, the 85 year old has ridden more than 300,000 miles—most of those with his wife Lucille. This year they celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary, and for most of their marriage Basil and Lucille rode together. Unfortunately, they no longer ride together. Lucy hasn’t been able to ride for 7 years now, ever since she had back surgery, but Basil is still going strong and rides his 2002 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic daily.
Even though their marriage was obviously made in motorcycle heaven—this doting couple has had a few disagreements along the way, including what type of motorcycle is best to ride. While Lucy prefers the quietness of the Goldwing, Basil likes the roar of the Harley.
Basil and Lucy haven’t just spent all of these years cruising around their neighborhoods. This amazing couple has logged many of those miles on cross country traveling. They drove to Florida every winter, toured the Smokey Mountains, Pittsburgh, Canada and even celebrated their 50th anniversary with a trip to Alaska.
Even their only son, Jerry, is an avid motorcyclist and credits his love of motorcycling to his two parents. Basil still rides his Harley every day in good weather, and if Lucy could ride, she would be right there with him.
We love stories like this one that show how passionate motorcyclists are and how rewarding a life on two wheels can really be. Through thick and thin Basil and Lucy have stuck by each other and enjoyed motorcycling and all that it has to offer.
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